Let's Lepak!

Adol texted me;
"Rose, jom la kuar! Rabu eh..aku da konfem ngn mak aku. Jgn nk cancel lak!"

Nina texted me;
"Rose, rabu nk kua tk? Kte nk jln ngn mmbe kte. Jom la ikut."
~lebeh kurang la d text. tak igt. heheh.~

So, we all went out. Kat JB ni mana lagi kan, City Square. Adol asked me to came earlier, 9.00 am. He even woke me up at 7.30. He said, "30min mandi,30min make-up,15min tggu cab,15min on d way". Haha. Good timing actualy. But then Adol came a lil late. Nevermind~ Haha. He wanted to go to BSN to buy pin number for UPU application. Takut ramai orang katenye. Tgk2, adela 3 people kot. Haha. That means, we were damn early. Haha. So we waited at the UDA bus stop for a comfortable bus with empty seats. We took the 5th bus. Haha. We arrived at CS around 10 am. Awal lagi nih. Haiyaa. So, adol "payung"ed me one teh tarik at the mamak there. Oh yea, I just learned this "payung" word. It means belanja. Haha. Adol "payung"ed my bus fare too. Hehe. Good2. Gentleman. Haha.

Then, after an hour like that, we walk to CS (just a minute walk). At that hour, Nina pon da sampai. We meet up at a book store and walked together. Nina's friend tak sampai lagi. Haha. We went to buy ticket to watch movie. LEGION! at 2 pm. So, we have 3 hours lg. Jalan3, 12 cmtu, kawan Nina came. Nina lapar la pulak, so we went out to that mamak again. Taknak cam panas pulak kn kat lua tu. Haha. Makan siket je. Alas perut Nina tu. Haha. Then borak3, Londam (my batchmate gak) joined us, then walk back to CS. Haha. Nina nye kawan was Apiz Jambu. Haha. Kinda jambu la his face. Haha. Adol knew him too. He was fun actually. Good to have new friend kan. 

Then we watch LEGION! This one I'll post another one for LEGION. Haha.

After the movie, Londam lak lapa. Haha. We were arguing about where to eat cause Nina and Londam said the food court expensive. Argue pnye argue, Londam said he wanted to go buy char kuih at 2nd floor. So, we followed. Then, Adol plak nak makan at another place. But nobody knows nk mkn kat mane. Haha. So we went to ground floor. I bought Auntie Anne's for my adek. Adol bought for himself. Then, Nina said; SEASONS! Haha. Ikut je laaa. Wanted to save money, I shared with Nina "Baked Fish Rice" abende tah. Betol kot. Haha. It was nice. Londam at that too. I forgot what Apiz ordered. Haha. As usual, we buat kecoh there. Haha. Sampai kena tegur dengan waiter. Too bad. Haha. We're just having fun! Haha.

Then, we jalan2 a bit. Lepak at Roibo for a drink (Nina je bought a drink). Then we went home by bus. Except Londam. Haha. His mum was waiting. I sat with Adol, and we borak2 about stuff we never talk to each other about. Haha. Well, he's a great friend actually. Yelah, Aristocrats' Mr. Understanding! Haha. All and all, it was a great day. New friend, great movie, met old friends, great chat. Yeah, we should go out again! Haha.

Spent rm45 today. Haih. Have to collect more money la before we go out again! Haha. Here's a picture (gimik je ni..haha) ;

My Friend Adol. Haha.