Lillahi Ta'ala

Empty. Have you ever felt that way? Being home, no schedules, no rules. I started to feel bored. But suddenly, there's a soft knock at my heart and mind, that made me look back, and think, about how I can never be free from making mistakes. I started searching the internet, for reading materials that could make me feel better.

And so I found this blog > Mutiara Hati.

The posts are good.
It reminds me,
though life is full of fun and joy,
busy to climb the ladder of success;
Never forget the reason you're alive.
Lillahi Ta'ala.


.firdaus. said...

that's SO true. sometimes, we tend to forget that because of all of our busy schedules. bukan takat busy je actually, bile dah free ni, the "kecenderungan" for forgetting The Almighty is higher!

OMG! i forgot what is kecenderungan in english.! haha.

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

fird, tendency? hhahaha...=D

.firdaus. said...

yerp2. tendency! haha. teringt kt inertia pulak.