An Exploration to Remember!

Aristocrats! Thats what we call ourselves, the 0509 class in KYS. Amigos Para Sempre, we say. But there's more than that in us. Attempting to make history, or histories? Well, achieving the Gold Medal Award for ARP is our another history-in-the-making. And going to Taman Negara in Pahang was another chapter of fun and adventure added to our ARP journey!

The trip has been postponed soo many times. It has been slowed down by bumps here and there. Yet, the Aristocrats stood strong together, with one aim, to achieve that Gold Medal. The final date was 20 - 23 January 2010. Though initially, 51 of us was suppose to be there, only 28 made it to the end. We gathered at Asrama Belia Melaka and arrived safely at Taman Negara the next day.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the Freezone Outdoor team lead by Pak Cu. After a delicious lunch, we were asked to line up three by three, and guess what? Pak Cu thought us marching. Haha. Frankly, most of us are not familiar with marching. Except my friend, Been and thats because he's from PLKN. Haha.

That night was ice-breaking. Pak Cu has his own style of getting to know us. The session was filled with musics and laughter. It was fun. But the fun didn't last until the next morning. My roommates; Nad, Wana, Leela and Pe'ah, and I were surprised by some noisy insects. They like the lights, I guess. And well, we forgot to switch off the lights so we kinda invited them in while we were out. Thank God Nad was brave enough to pick those insects up and throw it out while me and Leela screamed and tried to ran away from it! Haha! That really put us off to bed, but ofcourse, after Nad's job is done.

The next day onwords, our time was filled with adventures. Trekking up Bukit Teresik. Canopy walk. Leeches! Tiring.. But together, we made it to the top. That evening, we did rapid shooting. That was the most exciting part of the day. All we had to do was sit in the boat and enjoy the ride! Beside getting wet when our nature guide, Abg Azli and Akim splashed water directly to our faces! We visited the Orang Asli before stopping for a short "mandi sungai time!!". 

That night, we took an hour bus ride to Gua Kota Gelanggi, and slept in Gua Balai. Me, Nad and Wana just couldnt sleep yet. We just wanted to make some Maggi and Milo before we call it a day. Haha. Nad started the fire with tissues and some fire starters. And we finished our mineral water just for the maggi and milo! Eat, drink, and goodnight!

The last adventure and the one I love most was cave exploration. There wasnt any clear route. We had to crawl, climb, walk, bend, just to get in the cave. But it's worth it! Trust me. It's beautiful. God's creation, magnificent! My advice, visit it yourself. Be there. Nothing to regret.

The exploration at Taman Negara completes our last section for ARP. But what we got from the trip was so much more. Friendship, family, fun, experience. Like what Abg Reez said, "pushing our limits". And like what Pak Cu said, "walk the talk". Like what Abg Azli said, "change the pain into happiness". We were all like family. Including Haziq, the little cute boy who was son to the Mak Cik who prepared our food. =) I learned a lot from this trip. And I'm sure the other 27 of my friends did too.

Now, let's just hope the Gold Medal will be ours. =) AMIGOS PARA SEMPRE, Friends For Life.