Devil Wears Prada

Everything you watch or see or read or observe,
You can learn from it.
Bring back the good stuff to ponder upon.
Leave out the unnecessary.

So, from Devil Wears Prada,
i know it's an old movie but we've just re-watched it during IELTS

In life, you always always always have a choice.
and that choice is yours to make.
If you think you've said too much of "but, i dont have a choice!"
You were wrong. You do.
So, make the right choices.

True, there might be a phase, where you just couldn't see.
But pray that you'll always be guided,
So that eventually you will.

Have we been making the right choices?

Think about it.

May we have chosen the right way of life
as we have been given the chance to be part of it.


Mozack said...

Betul. Hakikatnya,semua pilihan kita terbahagi kepada 2.

Pilihan yang mndekatkan diri kita dengan Allah s.w.t dan yang menjauhkan diri dari-NYA.


Do the right choice!!

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

insyaAllah! (:

entah said...

tee hee

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

entah : okay haha. apakah yang cuba dimaksudkan di situ?