Melawat Blog Yg Bersawang

Ok, dah lama sangat tak update blog ni.
Mungkin sibuk, atau mungkin takde idea dah nak update apa.
Rasa macam nak delete blog,
Tapi sayang pada post2 yang lalu.

Maybe this is the last post in this blog.
I'm just keeping the blog for my own future reference.
But maybe one day I'll make a new one.



Izzuddin said...

Hey! so soon... :(, yes it has been a long time since u last updated ur blog. but why do u have to go so soon. I would wanna hear more of ur stories especially when u get into ur dream school in UK! :)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

heheh. so nice to know someone actually wants me to keep it. maybe i will do a new one later, and, put the link up here in my blog (: will share more experiences another day ok? (: goodluck in your future :D