At those moments that you're trying to stay calm,
Simple actions just triggers your anger,
And you snap!

So yeah, that was what happened.

I didn't explode at the trigger though.
I tried my best to control my anger.
And because of that, I walked faster,
Back to my chalet.

But I just had to tell it off to someone.
I just had to let the volcano erupt .
And ohhh yes it erupted!

But that wasn't for long.
For He was always there.
And through a close friend of mine,
I was reminded,
About patience.

"And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord
And a garden as wide as the Heavens and Earth,
Prepared for the righteous.
Who spend (in the cause of Allah),
During ease and hardship,
And who restrain anger,
And who pardon the people,
And Allah loves the doers of good."
Al Imran : 133-134

And with those words of Allah,
I was consoled.
And tears rushed out,
Full of regret.

Betapa Dia masih menunjukkan aku jalan. Walaupun aku sering lupa. Subahanallah.


Anonymous said...

kemarahan manusia menunjukkan kelemahan kita,namun kemarahan Allah menunjukkan kekuatanNya..