There's a Reason

Yesterday two people asked me,
"You want to go to US. So, why are you here doing A Levels?"

Obviously, they weren't the only two who had asked me that.
Frankly, sometimes I ask myself.

Okay, here's what I tell myself, when myself asked me the same question.
"You had a choice and your heart said KY. Back then, you weren't sure why.
As things get harder, life gets busier, studies gets more out of hand, you get more confused of why.
But look at you, you might not be what you are now, if you didn't choose KY.
You might not be who you are, if you didn't get the scholarship.
You might not be who you are now, if you chose TKC and not KYS.
Life is full of choices, you made your choice.
This might be a tougher path, but because you're able to do it, you chose those roads, this road.
Remember, Allah tak akan membebankan seseorang dengan apa yang tidak mampu dia tanggung.
You've made the right choice. There are things planned for you as you walk through this path.
You just have to be strong and search for it, don't waste the chance."

You know, it might be an easier path,
if I don't have to juggle my SATs and A Levels
together with the hectic KY life, ohh not to forget, in the middle of nowhere.
But maybe if that path was the path I chose,
I learn less, I take life for granted, I take Islam for granted.
I'm not syaing that that path my friends are on is easier than the path that I'm on.
I'm sure they too are learning about life, just like me.
But I believe that this is the best path for me.
As long as I choose to do things right,
InsyaAllah, I'll be a better person.

Everyone have their own opinion.
Their own thoughts.
Sometimes their right, and I'm wrong.
But I'll stick with my believe in this case.
I'm here for many reasons,
I've found part of it,
And along the way,
I'll keep on searching.

There's more than just A Levels here.

I believe He gave me the best. And I'm grateful.


fye said...


Ada hikmah di sebalik semua kejadian kan :)

p/s: A Level US jugak hehe :D

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

yup! semestinya if we believe in Him!

p/s : yeayyy! ada geng. heheh.