Pause Rose. Just Pause.

I thought life was unfair.
I thought everyone was.
I think I am.

I thought everything was so complicated.
I thought nothing could be in place.
I thought I messed up my puzzle.
I thought I'd give up watching the mess.

The mess I made that I regreted.
The time I wish could forever be erased.

But wait. Pause.

I forgot that there's Him.
The answer to my riddle.
The missing piece of my puzzle.

He gave me friends,
He gave me a true friend.
Through that,
He showed me ways.

Forgive me Allah,
For I didn't pause.
That I took a long time to see.
And along the way,
There's mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

Too much that no one would care,
Too much that another chance will never be there.

To Him we should turn to, we should always do.
For when you've realize what went wrong,
He have always been and always will be,
The most forgiving.

Thank you Allah.


E-ZuDiN said...

Very true and a very well written poetry

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

thanx ezudin. (:

it wasnt just poetry.
it was self realization.