Technology Exploited?

Everything is in your hands. Yeah. That's what technology can do. Just a click and boom! You can get what you want. Great! But that doesn't mean you can use that in the wrong way!

An unknown number texted me.

"Sape ni?"
"Nak tanye, minat tak bende2 sex ni?"
"Tak..k0 sape?"
"Saje tnye, klau gamba free nak x?"

What the hell?? Hell no! Get a life man! And where the hell did you get my number??!! Technology was made to make life better. To ease the work burden. To connect with those important ones. NOT to damage the young minds!

Hello young people, Malaysians, especially! Wake up man. We are the one who can change the future. Who can make a difference. Who will help the country to develop and stand out. We are the one responsible to make the country a great place for future generations. And on top of it all, YOU are the ONLY one who can make yourself a better person! Yes, there's technology. So use it. Use it for the best for all.

Ask yourself, are we good enough now?
Yes or no, we can make it better.
Love Malaysia. Most importantly, love yourself.


.firdaus. said...

gile kentang budak yg text u tuh rose! cari nahas ke ape.

Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...
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Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...

Giler r budak tu... sengal nk mampos... x pernah gune otak ke sblum antar... the bedbugs of the country and community!!!

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

yes! mmg bangang! n its scary ya he knws me n i dnt knw who the hell he is! gosh, get a life man! sending nasty pictures?? NOT GOOD! hate tht guy whoever he is.

E-ZuDiN said...

can't agree more with u, nowadays kids are forgetting the real meaning of life.. all they know is just sex and entertainment..